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The basics of business and as well as two elective areas of coaching of your choice, in an accelerated learning 13 week programme, will give you a broad but in-depth understanding of how what you should be doing to run a business.


After mastering the basics of business, this advanced programme offers coaching on issues that tend to surface in a more mature business. A choice of three electives  areas of coaching of your choice, in a 26 week programme – allows more time for practical application and in-business learning of the business principles, while interacting with your coach as you apply the concepts.

02 Business Executive Coaching

Business ExecutiveDeveloped to fast-track development and a higher level of personal performance in your business environment, this 26 week course, covering a total of twelve key business-related subjects, including two electives of your choice, will help you to maximise your performance as a new or existing business executive.


03 New Business/Product/Concept development coaching

New Business Concept DevelopmentDeveloped specifically to coach people to develop and start a new business, and or develop a new product/service or concept, this coaching programme will expose you to the critical tools required, while working with you as you learn to apply the tools in developing your business, product or concept from scratch. In addition to business analysis, the 26 week programme [12 subject] programme also focuses on marketing – pricing, distribution, and promotion, as well as market segmentation and branding.


04 Long term Business and Personal Career Development

Personal Career DevelopmentAfter a personal and business analysis phase, followed by a strategic direction setting exercise identifying possible coaching areas, this personalised, in-depth programme will allow you to maximize your strengths while minimising your weaknesses in your specific business environment. Individually-focused, this career development programme can be structured in six, nine twelve month modules; allowing the busy executive more time to apply the learnt application in their business.


05 Customised coaching programmes on request

Customized CoachingCustomised coaching programmes can be developed on your behalf. Contact us to discuss your needs. Pricing can only be supplied after the needs discussion. Customised electives can also be developed to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs. Pricing can only be supplied after the needs discussion.


06 Life and Career coaching

A holistic, personal development approach, known as Life Coaching is also available for individuals who are exploring their future, for example new career opportunities within their company or organisation, after being re-trenched, or when dissatisfied with their current situation and are looking for a new challenge and greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives.