Customised coaching programmes can be developed on your behalf.

We have experience in this area.

THE BIZ COACH has an extensive and growing library of business related tools, concepts and tool boxes.

You can choose from these resources to develop a coaching outline that is best suited to your needs.

We also have the capability to development new tool boxes and programmes to adapt coaching programmes to meet your specific learning needs, at different levels within your company or organisation. The adapated programmes will be structured  to achieve your unique outcomes – improve performance, set clear targets for strategy actions, increase your staff engagement, motivation, clarify teamwork roles …

Customised Coaching Programmes can be one-on-one or run as in-house team workshops.


While the bulk of our experience is in the commercial field, we have celebrated success in working with Faith-based and Non-Profit organisations.

This process starts with a free consultation within the Johannesburg area. Travel beyond this geographic area is subject to a travel cost.


Life Coaching

An holistic, personal development approach, known as Life Coaching is also available for individuals who are exploring their future, for example on being re-trenched, or are looking for greater satisfaction in their lives. These are structured as customised programmes to meet the unique needs of each person coached.


Facilitated Practical Application

Our programmes and initiatives are built on extensive studies, practical application across industries and personal experience.The BIZ COACH operates with one goal in mind, to assist you to achieve the success you know you are capable of, and even allow you to reach beyond your self-imposed limits.