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Business Coaching

We provide personalised, one-on-one coaching at two learning levels.

Our INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS product allows you to understand the critical basics of business contributing towards profitability and cash-flow. It is structured to coach you in the skills to run your own business, and can take place at a venue of your choice.

After mastering the basics of business, our BUSINESS MANAGEMENT programme offers coaching on managing an existing, a mature businesses. Focused on developing your existing business, we provide one-on-one coached learning to analyze your business, and then practically apply tested principles to turn your business around, to set it on a growth path.

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Executive Coaching

EXECUTIVE COACHING for newly appointed executives and managers

Developed to fast-track development and achieve a higher level of personal performance in your business environment, this 26 week course, covering a total of twelve key business management and executive development-related subjects.

The ONE-ON-ONE LEARNING programme provides you with tried and tested tools and give you the skills to use them. Our goal is to  help you to maximise your performance as a new or existing business executive … to understand how you, your business unit, the division you work in, can optimally operate in what is a cut-throat competitive environment.

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Custom Coaching

CUSTOMISED BUSINESS coaching for  business start-ups, small business and business executives, as well as individualised LIFE COACHING programmes.

Clients often prefer a customised coaching programme approach structured to meet your specific needs.

The design of the programme is achieved through an interactive process – an in-depth interview to gain a deeper understanding of you as an individual, with a goal of working with you to prepare a structured coaching programme built on distinctive outcomes, and time and budget constraints – an exciting business development coaching initiative DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR NEEDS.

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Facilitated Practical Application

Our programmes and initiatives are built on extensive studies, practical application across industries and personal experience.The BIZ COACH operates with one goal in mind, to assist you to achieve the success you know you are capable of, and even allow you to reach beyond your self-imposed limits.



These are facilitated programmes … working closely with you to achieve mutually agreed outcomes. It starts with understanding the business development theory using our simple stepped processes – the Biz Coach’s TOOLBOXES. A practical process, using your business idea, coaches you to apply the theory. The outcomes are structured to allow you to develop solutions through this practical and intensive learning initiative. The BIZ COACH focuses on new and small business development, equipping newly appointed, and existing business executives.


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